Welcome. About Marcasite Jewellery

by nikki nicholls

Welcome to the world of ‘DecoEsque’ an online store offering exquisite pieces of sterling silver and marcasite jewels with onyx, garnet, amethyst, mother of pearl and fresh water pearls.

 As a young girl playing in my mother’s bedroom, I found the key to her jewellery box. I unlocked it and saw the most beautiful marcasite rings, earrings, necklaces and a watch. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing; I thought I had discovered treasure. The sight of these sparkling jewels took my breath away and I have to say they still do. I have been in love with marcasite ever since.

Over the years, I created my own costume jewellery designs supplying to stores such as Serenity, Ishka, Dangerfield, but silver marcasite was my true jewellery passion.

In the mid 2000’s I became involved in a company that supplied wholesale marcasite jewellery to store owners all over Australia as well as opening our own retail stores.

Some time after the company dissolved, I decided to one-day setup my own online store to offer the remaining jewellery together with brand new designs.

That time has come.

My career has always been in the music business. I am a singer, however due to the world health pandemic; the music industry is on a forced hiatus therefore I am now able to have another dream come true.

I hope you enjoy viewing these gorgeous pieces of sparkling art and maybe you might wish to start your own collection.